Why Businesses Can’t Ignore Google AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can revolutionize your website. It gives rich, fast and reliable experience for users. But is an AMP powered website a worthwhile addition? How can it stimulate online business performances and growth of visitors to your website?.

Well, let us find out the facts about AMP and the advantages it delivers to your business website.

Alphabet the parent company of Google that launched many innovative products for its users, they announced one such initiative that was introduced with the collaboration of Google, Linkedin, Twitter, WordPress, and Pinterest, and named it as AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages). It accelerates the loading speed of your website and helps to improve the usability of the website thus persuading the users to stay longer on your website. AMP is an open source project which started appearing to web users on Feb 2016. Until now AMP web development gained high prominence ever since smartphones became popular between people.

Let’s find out in detail of how as a commercial business owner you will benefit from AMP websites and how do you start to upgrade your website.

AMP – What’s So Special About It?

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Have you ever noticed how many people browse websites daily on their devices with wireless internet technology? Mobile phones and tablets have just made it too easy for the millennial generation to buy online and watch streaming shows on Netflix and Amazon prime video. Google accelerated mobile pages just changed the game to next level.

Just imagine a case where a user browses on the net and clicks on the link that is directed to your website. What if the website takes too much time to load? Certainly, the user would lose his patience and will leave your website to search for something else.

The average time that any user would spend on a webpage is 1.5 seconds, apparently, if the user is not getting productive results from your website or if it is taking too much time to load he will abandon your website and navigate away without further interaction.

Technically the term used to define this act of abandonment by users is called  “bounce”, the rate at which visitors bouncing from your website is called bounce rate. It is, therefore, acknowledged that every visitor on your website would like to browse easily with fast loading web pages and responsive design. It aids in website ranking and helps to create user engagement.

So how do we resolve this bounce rate issue?

It is pretty simple to implement AMP for your website. AMP is nothing but an improvised HTML and javascript programming code added to the website so that the google AMP cache can host the website. The advantages you get are really astonishing in terms of website performance and improvised loading speed for pages delivering great user experience.

AMP websites are highly dynamic and can be accessed in any kind of mobile devices. Other advantages for an AMP website is that it displays all the rich content of your website very effectively by getting rid of all the elements which hinder your websites speed and performance. It even displays content like infographics, PDF ’s, audio and video files in a more appealing way.

Why Get An AMP Website?

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People nowadays prefer to have things faster than just ordinary. If you want to have your meals at your home, you use your smartphone to order food from a fast food franchise and your parcel will be delivered on-time at your home. People who want to travel faster to a nearby place, they order a cab online and within minutes the cab comes to your location. And many instances like paying your bill/rent and shopping online. All these examples show us that how services and products orders are executed fastly using the internet for doing many things at the same time. Therefore you will continue using their services because they are fast and responsive to your needs.

 Similarly having your website powered with AMP will aid your business and will urge customers to use your web portal more often than others. So why just use a simple ordinary website while the world is moving faster. AMP website is made for mobile users and it is the future of internet business.

It also benefits mobile website rankings because search engines like Google and Bing prioritize fast loading websites over other ordinary websites. With an AMP powered website, your website ranking on mobile SERPs will be influenced heavily because of Google giving high priority to an AMP website.

Also implementing AMP is essential as AMP will reduce the load on servers and improves your website’s performance.

Last but not least, with the implementation of the AMP website, there will literally no more bounces on your site, as users who will navigate your website will be impressed by its rich formatting and can easily browse all the pages, interacting with all its content and will be persuaded with call-to-action.

AMP – The Online Business Interests

 AMP provides tremendous opportunities for business owners. There is a huge potential for business owners when your website is reviewed and appreciated by clients and customers for its interactive and UX qualities. Many MNC’s already have converted their websites to AMP websites.

 Firms like Yahoo, Amazon, and Walmart are already in this league and as per their business productivity, they have tripled customer responses with less bounce rate and it is pretty convincing to other business owners.

Let us find out a few facts about how business revenue is generated when AMP is utilized.

 A survey has proved that online business websites have earned fabulously by their e-commerce portals after adopting AMP. The organic traffic increased from 65% to 90%, and the other advantages that they had were a 40% reduction in bounce rate to their product pages in e-commerce results overall.

AMP stories feature is another distinct option that provides businesses to publish stories very similar to Instagram stories. It is very beneficial for your website to provide a medium to include a storytelling feature for your website.


So, it is a proven fact that the speed of web pages and the overall performance of the website is very important for the online business of any kind. No matter how much numbers are crunched, at the end of the day, a faster business website is better in winning customers and sales. This makes Google AMP development an essential tool for improving the web interactions and experience of their users on mobile and make way for a successful business.

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